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29 anime & cartoon icons

Michiko to Hatchin

01-04 Hatchin runs in fear.Hatchin slumps over.Hatchin gestures and winks.Hatchin emerges from a dark tent and rubs her eyes.
05-08 Hatchin lies on her back on a beach.Hatchin looks up at the noonday sun.Rita holds Hatchin's shoulders and leans close.A girl swims in the ocean.
09-00 A building on a lake.


01-04 Daria dressed as the Queen of England.Jane dressed as the Statue of Liberty.Daria in motorcycle leathers, holding a helmet.Jodie stands in front of a mirror.
05-08 Jane in a blue dress with her hair curled.Jodie holds her school books.Jodie holds her school books. Text: pretty little Jodie doll.A photo of Daria and Jane with their arms around each other, dressed as flappers.
09-12 Trent plays the guitar as Daria listens.Jane pauses with her paint-covered hand almost touching the canvas.Jane runs while wearing headphones.Daria lies on Jane's bed with her head hanging off. Jane works on a painting behind her.
13-14 Daria stands next to her fallen classmates in gym. She shrugs.Daria sits on her couch with a pillow over her head.

Seirei no Moribito fanart

01-04 Balsa and Chagum on horseback.Balsa in bandages, her head lolling back.Balsa holds up her cloak to protect herself from the rain. (Closeup.)Balsa holds up her cloak to protect herself from the rain.
05-07 Balsa with her hair down, all pretty.Chibi Tanda and a bean dish.Chibi Balsa holding chopsticks like her spear, next to a steaming noodle dish. artists:
01 - narita
02-05 - tono
06-07 - 青

09 Michiko to Hatchin (mostly Hatchin)
14 Daria
07 Seirei no Moribito fanart


Rita holds Hatchin's shoulders and leans close. Jane runs while wearing headphones. Balsa holds up her cloak to protect herself from the rain. (Closeup.)
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Took 04 of the Seirei no Moribito set and will credit. Thanks so much!