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31 Sarah Connor Chronicles icons

One icon is of self-harm/a suicide attempt.

01-05 The female lookout glances to the side.Jesse, in bed.Cromartie's empty hand helplessly pulling the trigger as it dies.Jesse pointing a gun and shouting.Jesse gently slides Riley's hair away from her face.
06-10 Jesse has pretty eyes.Jesse has pretty lips.Jesse turns to open the door.Jesse and Riley, right after they time travel, bedraggled in the rain.Riley with her face upturned in the shower.
11-15 Warning: suicide/self-harm. John holding Riley, whose hands and wrists are bloody.Catherine Weaver turns her head and listens.A security guard points his gun at Weaver.Weaver staring straight ahead.Jesse with her hair blowing in the wind.
16-20 Riley tries to talk to Jesse.Riley is tearful; Jesse is wary.Jesse holds Riley during their fight and speaks in her ear.Riley slams Jesse against the wall.John Henry is innocent; Ellison is worried.
21-25 John Henry is innocent; Ellison is worried.Jesse frowns and looks up.Jesse purses her lips.Jesse with her face lit up by a control panel.Jesse turns her head, looks down, and half-smiles.
26-30 Jesse in smoke and darkness.Jesse in a swimsuit, looking shocked and unguarded.Jesse looks back, at the entrance to the escape pod.Jesse tilts Riley's head up toward the light.Weaver holds Savannah and pats her back.
31-00 Weaver looking fierce.

Mostly Jesse.


The female lookout glances to the side. Jesse pointing a gun and shouting. Catherine Weaver turns her head and listens.
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Jewels of gorgeousness! With so much Jesse! Saving them all. :D
wordsatourbacks: close-up of detective meldrick lewis in a dimly lit hospital room, light shining down across his face (come with me if you want to live.)

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Her face is a natural wonder! I love the other icons too, and all the expressions you chose to capture.
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Eeek, snagging 30! Love that look on her face.
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Holy heavens these are stunning *loves them like cake*
Mind if I rec this at [community profile] coltanheart?
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DUDE. I've been making SCC icons for aaages and haven't pulled off this! I especially love the soft light coloring on 2, the crop/coloring on 3 is spot on, 15 is a fantastic bw icon it's almost like she's glowing, 20 looks really unnerving great job conveying emotion there, and 31 is ├╝ber fierce. heh your cropping style is basically my favorite kind as well ♥
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lol I see you have an icon for the occasion.

N'awww. I do love that Weaver/Ellison icon. But then again it's very unlike anything I usually do. Composition does tend to throw me for a loop. But like I've said, your cropping and coloring in this batch makes me all hand flaily. I've actually been back a couple of times since simply to gawk, no lie. Working on a new batch for [ profile] qterminator20n20 right now. You should join in next round!

yw :) I just want to show people the shinies!
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Taking several! 5, 15, 20, 26, and 29 in particular. I really like your cropping and use of negative space. And Weaver's expressions!
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They're beautiful, I really like the various cropping and colour contrasts, ty!