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64 Star Trek and Kdrama icons

Star Trek

(Mostly for [ profile] trekicontest and [ profile] voy_stillness.)

01-06 Odo discovering he can't shapeshift. Kira in profile. Dax hugging herself in the symbiont pool. The Bajoran spaceship with sails. Kira standing in the doorway to the docking bay. Geordi focusing his ocular implants.
07-12 Geordi focusing his ocular implants. Lily from First Contact looking to the side. Troi in a fancy hat and uniform, looking confident. Geordi fiddles with some controls. The Enterprise-D up against a Borg Cube. Seven runs her hand along her arm.
13-18 Harry in white, lying on his back. Kes surrounded by flames. Tuvok leaning close to the camera, one eyebrow raised. Text: …Intriguing. Janeway holding a datapad. Seven with her hand on a control panel in her cargo bay. Janeway with her hand on Tuvok's shoulder.
19-24 B'Elanna looking grimy and exhausted. The Doctor, heavily shadowed. Janeway, her face sweaty, with hair sticking to her cheek. B'Elanna wrapped in a cloak. Seven staring intently, her face lit up in blue. Seven staring intently, her face lit up in blue.
25-30 Tuvok's face lit from below. Tuvok in warm light. Janeway with her face in her hands. B'Elanna's hair swinging in front of her face. A roomful of EMHs turning to face Tuvok. Tuvok struggling to stand against heavy wind.
31-36 Janeway smiling; Tuvok folding his arms and glaring. Seven holding up the hand that is covered in Borg implants. Seven looking to the side. Seven in her full Borg getup. Seven in her full Borg getup. Seven crying out as her link to the Collective is severed.
37-38 Paris asleep at his post. B'Elanna smiling as a shirtless guy puts a towel around her shoulders. Text: I made a few modifications.

01-05 DS9
06-11 TNG
12-38 VOY


01-06 Eun Chan and Han Kyul brushing their teeth. Eun Chan and Han Kyul brushing their teeth. Eun Chan looking confused and alarmed as someone brushes makeup onto her face. Chae Ok with strands of hair falling into her face. Chae Ok listening intently. Chae Ok with her face mostly covered by a mask.
07-12 Chae Ok holding her hand to her mouth and laughing helplessly. Hwangbo Yoon painting by candlelight. Silhouettes of Kim and Heo. Inspector Kim against the setting sun; Inspector Kim in front of the light of the space ship, being scanned by a device. Eun Soo smiling. Eun Soo and Yoo Joon sitting on the lawn together.
13-18 Eun Soo and her friends crowded around a birthday cake, cheering. Tae Oh crying as Eun Soo hugs him from behind. Eun Soo, Yoo Hee, and Jane laughing and singing as they ride in a car. Young Soo tilting his face toward the sun and smiling. Eun Soo resting her head on the table next to her coffee. Eun Soo, clear-eyed.
19-24 Min Ki at the start of a fight. Min Ki resting his forehead against Su Ah's. Bubbles rising as Seon Kyun sinks into the pool. Min Ki collapsed in defeat on the mat. Hope dawning on Maru's face. Maru running up behind Su Ah.
25-26 Seon Kyun in the pool. Su Ah and Maru eating and talking.

01-03 Coffee Prince
04-08 Damo
09-10 Joseon X-Files
11-18 My Sweet Seoul
19-26 Taereung National Village

38 Star Trek (DS9, TNG, VOY)
26 Kdramas (Coffee Prince, Damo, Joseon X-Files, My Sweet Seoul, Taereung National Village)


Troi in a fancy hat and uniform, looking confident. Seven runs her hand along her arm. Silhouettes of Kim and Heo.

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