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61 cartoon, anime, game, and comic icons

Adventure Time

01-04 Fionna sticking out her tongue happily. Marceline crouching between the ceiling and the wall, grinning. Marceline making a creepy face and tapping on the window. Marceline going BOO as her hair flies up around her.
05-06 Marceline lying on the ground, Princess Bubblegum sitting next to her. Marceline playing her bass and floating over Finn, who has on enormous headphones.

02-04 Phil Rynda
05-06 Rebecca Sugar

Fullmetal Alchemist

01-04 General Armstrong and Izumi Curtis, standing back-to-back. General Armstrong standing with her sword slung over one shoulder, sparkling. A portrait of General Armstrong. Alphonse sitting cross-legged as kitties climb on his lap.
05-07 Izumi Curtis and General Armstrong standing side by side, ready to fight. Sig and Major Armstrong stand behind them. Lust with the fingers on one hand extended in all directions. General Armstrong sitting with her feet up.

All pixiv:

01-02 nky
03 かざあな
04-05 むくお
06-07 阿修羅暴君@掉脑袋切切

Final Fantasy Tactics

01-04 A male black mage tucked into bed, his little boots, pants, staff, and cloak set to the side. Agrias standing strong, holding her sword. A female black mage sitting on a giant bean bag chair in a library, paging through a book Closeup of a female black mage paging through a book.
05-08 Closeup of a female black mage's little feet next to her discarded socks and shoes. A female dark knight running her hand along the blade of her sword. A female lancer doing a backflip through the air. A female time mage running past an ivy-covered wall.
09-12 Agrias crouching down in the middle of a fight. Agrias holding her sword, surrounded by blossoms. Agrias biting Ramza's ear and sliding a finger into his mouth. A female black mage playing with chocobo chicks.
13-16 A female calculator kneeling on the ground with books and notes spread out in front of her. A male white mage and a female chemist sitting together. A closeup of Ovelia standing close to Agrias. Agrias holding her sword out protectively in front of Ovelia.
17-20 A closeup of Agrias holding her sword out protectively in front of Ovelia. Agrias standing in a field of grain. A closeup of Agrias. A female time mage holding an open book as time magic swirls around her.
21-24 A dancer holding a serrated knife. A dancer, female geomancer, female samurai, and female time mage standing together. A realistic painting of a female black mage holding a staff. Agrias holding her sword and looking pensive.

All pixiv:
01 ID# 647482
02 ID# 91521
03-08 roten
09 SGN
10 さいかち
11 しく゛れN
12 しん
13-14 ちこす~
15-17 はるさめ
18-19 ウサ太郎
20 シロクマ
21-22 ハジメ
23 マサオ
24 吉野小雪

Final Fantasy IX and XIII

01-03 An ink drawing of a fantasy panther creature, surrounded by ink splotches. Closeup of an ink drawing of a fantasy panther creature, surrounded by ink splotches. A closeup of Fang in warm light.

01-02 Yoshitaka Amano

Mirror's Edge and Portal 1 & 2

01-04 A view of the sky from inside a storm drain. Faith from Mirror's Edge looking down at her feet. Chell and Faith sitting down to cake and a chat. A closeup of Chell.
05-08 A painting of Chell and GLaDOS's reunion. One of the mutant turret/cubes. Chell and Wheatley and GLaDOS and some turrets posing dramatically. Chell and GLaDOS.
09-12 A bird carrying away POTaDOS. A bird carrying away POTaDOS. Someone pours coffee through one portal so that it comes out of another and lands in a cup. Chell sits on GLaDOS's head; GLaDOS looks unamused.
13-15 GLaDOS surrounded by confetti. Chell sitting and smiling and holding a dormant turret in her lap. Chell hurtling through the air, portal gun in hand.

03 Bill Mudron
05 basshole (deviantart)
06 botjira (deviantart)
07 Sean Pearson
08-10 Tristan Reidford
12 TwinklePowderySnow (deviantart)
13 ジャブー (pixiv)
14 嵩柳 (pixiv)
15 越乃 (pixiv)


01-04 Sparkle hugging Scout as Scout's tail encircles them both. Scout sitting; Sparkle hugging her and smiling. Sparkle coming up from a trap door; Scout looking down at her. Scout in human form, using her inhaler grumpily.
05-06 Different outfit designs for Sparkle. Sparkle and Scout sitting togther.

06 Adventure Time concept art
07 Fullmetal Alchemist fanart
24 Final Fantasy Tactics fanart
02 Final Fantasy IX concept art
01 Final Fantasy XIII
02 Mirror's Edge
01 Mirror's Edge/Portal crossover fanart
12 Portal 1 & 2 fanart
06 Shadoweyes


Izumi Curtis and General Armstrong standing side by side, ready to fight. Sig and Major Armstrong stand behind them. Agrias standing strong, holding her sword. Chell hurtling through the air, portal gun in hand.
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Here from ffpress on lj

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Wow this is the first time I've seen Shadoweyes icons, I love 03! All of them are great, particularly the Tactics and Portal icons.

Re: Here from ffpress on lj

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Yes! It is pretty great and I love Ross Campbell's other ongoing comic too, Wet Moon and his art style, ahh I'm just a big Ross Campbell fan in general I guess haha.

Re: Here from ffpress on lj

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One thing I really like about Wet Moon is seeing the art style evolve and how the faces and bodies become more stylized and unique. It's definitely the best psuedo anime artstyle I've seen so far. Gee I could gush about this guy's comics all day.
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Snagged 8 11 and 12 from the Portal batch! Will credit, thank you!

Very amazing icons! ;D
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Adventure Time

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Oh! I really liked the Adventure Time icons!
The last one was my favorite. > w
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Snagging #5 of Fullmetal Alchemist, thank you! :)
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Thank you! I love your work as well, since you make icons in so many of the fandoms I love. :)
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Snagging a couple portal icons.