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55 US TV icons

A lot of these are very old!

01-05 Gunn in a suit in the white room. Angel pressed against the floor, blood running from his mouth. Faith looking satisfied. Text: blunt, sharp, cold, hot, and loud. Faith in prison. Tara in soft green light.
06-10 Buffy gasping for air. Buffy looking at Mr. Pointy. Cave-Buffy in the lights of the firetrucks. Drusilla vamping out. Darla about to bite some poor sucker's neck. Text: Are we alone? Good.
11-15 Willow with her eyes going black from magic. Anya wearing bunny ears. Buffy looking exhausted overlaid with the jaws of a beast. Text: It'll choke on me. Anya and Spike kissing. Text: It was solace. Anya doing shots.
16-20 James Marsters beckoning with one finger. Buffy with a soft look on her face. Willow with bright red hair. Willow hiding from the demons' headlights. Oz kissing Willow's cheek.
21-25 Willow rolling her eyes. Simon sprawled in the dirt. Zoe looking contemplative. Comic art of Mal. Comic art of Simon peering over the rims of his red sunglasses.
26-30 Zoe grabbing a dude by the lapels. Text: Headbutt imminent. Inara smiles down at Kaylee as she talks. Text: Well, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle. Gina Torres looking awesome. Inara backlit against a screen door.


01-05 Shirley holding the comm to her ear; the ace of clubs. Shirley holding the comm to her ear; Shirley aiming two paintball guns. Donald Glover laying on top of Danny Pudi. Patty and Ellen in shadows. Ellen and Patty in shadows.
06-10 Original Cindy puts her arm around Max and hands her a tissue. Young Max standing in the road in front of a car. Original Cindy and Max sitting together. Bill scratches his wig. The geeks in gym class. Text: Pick me, pick me, pick me.
11-15 The geeks in gym class. Text: Pick me. Jeff Rosso leaning out of his car and smiling. Wendy Watson smiling. Ida wearing a doctor's… head… thing. Wendy Watson grinning beautifully.
16-20 Wendy facing the Middleman, who is standing in a bright doorway. Alex holding a gun. Nikita, limp on the ground. Nikita looking concerned. Nikita stepping out of the elevator.
21-25 Alex strapped to the interrogation chair, smirking. Nikita in shadows. Maya fiddling with her necklace. Maya smiling. Spencer rubbing her aching shoulder.

30 Whedonverse (Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly)
25 Misc US TV (Community, Damages, Dark Angel, Freaks and Geeks, Middleman, Nikita, Pretty Little Liars)


Wendy Watson grinning beautifully. Inara smiles down at Kaylee as she talks. Maya smiling.

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