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42 Sugar Rush and Star Trek icons

Sugar Rush
01-04 Sugar's hair in curly tendrils. Sugar sipping on a drink flirtatiously. Sugar resting her head on Kim's shoulder as Kim leans in to kiss her. Sugar looking confused.
04-08 Sugar and Kim kissing in the dance club. Sugar looking delighted; Kim looking afraid. Kim gazing after Sugar as she turns away. Sugar and Kim in the afterglow.
09-12 Sugar and Kim snuggling in bed together. Kim hunched over a bottle of alchohol. Sugar looking pretty in golden light. Saint next to a sign that says girls, girls.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

01-04 Kira standing in a smokey room. Kira standing strong. The Intendant overlaid with a silhouette of Kira. Kira looking intent; Kira standing and looking up, in her maternity uniform.
05-08 Kira lying back, looking sad. Jennifer looking down and grinning under a blue sky. Sisko smiling down at Jake, cupping Jake's face in his hand. Jadzia looking down and smiling slightly.
09-12 Ziyal facing her father. Kira looking back over her shoulder. Kira in golden light; Jadzia in royal blue. Closeup of Sisko looking to the side.
13-16 Bashir in a hooded jacket; the Earth. Bashir staring at Sisko. Kai Winn gesturing with her hands. Sisko with his eyes closed.
17-20 Sisko closing his hands around Jake's and Kasidy's. Jadzia holds out the egg she plucked from Quark's ear. Kira looks taken aback. Kira and Dax smiling together in a turbolift.
21-24 Dax leaning close to Kira's face. Mirrorverse Kira pointing a disruptor. Winn looking smug in her pointy hat. Dax seen through a tangle of glowing tubes.
25-28 Dax looking concerned for Sisko. The female changeling mid-shapeshift. Sisko and Bashir grinning in relief. Dax looking sweaty and determined, with awesome biceps.
29-30 Dax pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration. Terry Farrell smiling as someone paints spots on her shoulder.

And a banner thing (you can stick text on it or whatever you like):

Sisko looking up, in front of a star field and harshly lit moon.

12 Sugar Rush
30 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
1 Sisko banner


Sugar looking pretty in golden light. Bashir staring at Sisko. Kira standing strong.
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These are AWESOME. And Sisko!!!
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These are really lovely!
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Taking some ds9 icons, thanks!!
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beautiful cropping, beautiful coloring-these all have a lovely, dreamy air to them.
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Damn, these are so awesome. Love your Sisko icons - #12 & 16 are brilliant. Your use of black & white is terrific.

Is that Bashir holding a globe of Earth in 13?

Saving so many. Will credit - thank you so much!
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Hi! I found this journal through [community profile] startrek and just wanted to say WOW! I hope you don't mind if I fan you :D I adore everything, from your colors to your cropping choices. You're composition is striking as well, my eye focuses right where it needs to, and I'm especially impressed at your use of blur to help achieve that in icons like #6.

Anyway, sorry to ramble on in an older post.

TL;DR - your icons are awesome!
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I love how bold the Kira icons are (esp 4) and the way you've chosen to crop some of these. I esp like 1 and 5.
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SUGAR RUSH ICONS!!!!! You are my new hero :) Totally snagging #9!