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42 Sugar Rush and Star Trek icons

Sugar Rush
01-04 Sugar's hair in curly tendrils. Sugar sipping on a drink flirtatiously. Sugar resting her head on Kim's shoulder as Kim leans in to kiss her. Sugar looking confused.
04-08 Sugar and Kim kissing in the dance club. Sugar looking delighted; Kim looking afraid. Kim gazing after Sugar as she turns away. Sugar and Kim in the afterglow.
09-12 Sugar and Kim snuggling in bed together. Kim hunched over a bottle of alchohol. Sugar looking pretty in golden light. Saint next to a sign that says girls, girls.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

01-04 Kira standing in a smokey room. Kira standing strong. The Intendant overlaid with a silhouette of Kira. Kira looking intent; Kira standing and looking up, in her maternity uniform.
05-08 Kira lying back, looking sad. Jennifer looking down and grinning under a blue sky. Sisko smiling down at Jake, cupping Jake's face in his hand. Jadzia looking down and smiling slightly.
09-12 Ziyal facing her father. Kira looking back over her shoulder. Kira in golden light; Jadzia in royal blue. Closeup of Sisko looking to the side.
13-16 Bashir in a hooded jacket; the Earth. Bashir staring at Sisko. Kai Winn gesturing with her hands. Sisko with his eyes closed.
17-20 Sisko closing his hands around Jake's and Kasidy's. Jadzia holds out the egg she plucked from Quark's ear. Kira looks taken aback. Kira and Dax smiling together in a turbolift.
21-24 Dax leaning close to Kira's face. Mirrorverse Kira pointing a disruptor. Winn looking smug in her pointy hat. Dax seen through a tangle of glowing tubes.
25-28 Dax looking concerned for Sisko. The female changeling mid-shapeshift. Sisko and Bashir grinning in relief. Dax looking sweaty and determined, with awesome biceps.
29-30 Dax pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration. Terry Farrell smiling as someone paints spots on her shoulder.

And a banner thing (you can stick text on it or whatever you like):

Sisko looking up, in front of a star field and harshly lit moon.

12 Sugar Rush
30 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
1 Sisko banner


Sugar looking pretty in golden light. Bashir staring at Sisko. Kira standing strong.

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