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60 cooking/baking icons

01-06 Containers marked sugar and nutmeg. Three enamel pans stacked inside each other. A colander containing leafy greens. A whisk covered in icing. A woman smiling and holding a mixing bowl. A man holding a mixing bowl next to a muffin tin.
07-12 Colorful pots and pans. Spoons filled with spices. A spice rack with hooks for pots and pans. Measuring spoons stacked together. Floury hands holding a ball of dough. Broken-up pieces of dark chocolate.
13-18 Hard-boiled eggs and fragments of shell. Different colors of powders piled on each other in a bowl. Tomatoes covered in spices on a baking sheet. A big measuring cup pouring batter into a smaller one. A mixer lifted out of a bowl, dripping batter. Potatoes stacked on each other.
19-24 A wooden spoon stirring a stir-fry. Another mixer dripping batter. Multicolored carrots stacked on each other. Three leaves of spinach. A knife chopping a vegetable. Dry pasta in a jar.
25-30 Noodles simmering in a pan. Ripe bananas. Steaming stew in a pan. A knife shearing off kernels of corn. A knife and a wet cutting board. A pizza crust on a baking sheet.
31-36 Baked vegetables on a baking sheet. A spoonful of spice. Six piles of different powders. Cocoa piled on top of flour. A measuring spoon full of cornmeal. A measuring cup full of coconut milk.
37-42 A honey dipper covered in honey. A mortar and pestle with leaves and nuts. A bowl filled with five egg yolks. Three spoons holding different ingredients. An empty bowl and spoon. A dish in an oven.
43-48 A spoon stirring liquid chocolate. A measuring cup pouring water into a bowl of rice. Hands folding the dough part of a pork bun. A grater grating an orange peel. Floury bread dough on a wooden counter. A woman putting a pot on the stove.
49-54 Drawing of a woman with her hands on her hips, surrounded by different meals. A grinning woman taking muffins out of the oven. A girl stirring cupcake batter. Hands stirring water into a bowl of gelatin. A woman holding a wooden spoon and smiling. An electric mixer.
55-60 Vintage type that says Let's Bake. A hand stirring a pot on the stove. Hands rolling up dough. A woman spooning filling into a pie. Hands pouring a bowl of something into a larger bowl of something else. A woman putting a dish in the oven.
Credit in file names.


Floury hands holding a ball of dough. A mortar and pestle with leaves and nuts. A hand stirring a pot on the stove.

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