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55 TV icons

Bomb Girls

01-05 The bomb girls in their white and blue uniforms. Betty looking over her shoulder at Kate. Gladys in a red dress. Betty grabbing Kate's arm as she turns away. Lorna curling up in bed, facing her husband.
06-10 Kate biting her lip; Betty standing close to Kate in her red swimsuit. Text: the new you. Kate and an ampersand and Betty. Gladys looking down. Kate, wide-eyed. Vera watching herself in a mirror.
11-15 Kate taking Betty's hand and leading her away. Kate and Betty in the jazz bar. Marco cupping Lorna's face as she smiles. Kate holding the microphone stand and looking nervous; Betty watching her. Gladys in a yellow blouse with a brooch at her neck.
16-19 Marco and Lorna standing side by side. Kate and Betty holding each other and laughing. Kate, Gladys, and Betty in their street clothes. Kate in the bath, looking afraid.


20-25 Sarah Lund standing in a field, looking down. Sarah with damp hair clinging to her face. A closeup of Sarah's eye. Sarah looking down, lit by dim light. Sarah, watchful.
26-00 Sarah fixing a suspect with a stare.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

27-30 Kira dressed up for the holodeck, smiling, and silhouetted in a fancy dress with her hair curled. Kira in profile, looking down. Ezri and Jadzia. Text: As if an afterlife existed. A closeup of Kira with her eyes closed. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation

31-35 Lwaxana Troi, naked and winking saucily. Lwaxana smiling and cuddling Alexander. Deanna dressed as Durango, wearing a long coat and cowboy hat, pointing her gun. Gowron baring his teeth and bugging out his eyes. Lwaxana in a red dress and blonde wig.
36-39 Guinan in gold clothes and black lipstick. K'Ehleyr in purple light. Geordi walking into a room filled with iced-over people. Guinan smiling knowingly, in a purple outfit. A Klingon Targ (a furry spikey boar creature). Text: You mean it's a kitty cat?

Star Trek: Voyager

40-44 Tuvok frowning and considering his next move in a game. Queen Arachnia throwing back her head and laughing. Text: Ha! Janeway and Neelix in a desert. A closeup of Chakotay's face in profile as he sleeps. Seven of Nine in a space suit, in yellow light.
45-49 B'Elanna and Tom struggling together, mid-beam out. Seven of Nine leaning in to examine the camera and Janeway watches. Seven of Nine looking upset. B'Elanna smiling gently and sincerely. Seven of Nine in the holodeck, holding a phaser.
50-54 Seven of Nine singing while Janeway watches her. Seven, B'Elanna, and Janeway. Janeway throwing up her hands. Text: well fuck. Seven pointing a flashlight in a dark forest. Text: There's coffee in that nebula.
55-00 Tom and B'Elanna in the Delta Flyer.

19 Bomb Girls (mild spoilers for all episodes)
06 Forbrydelsen (no spoilers)
04 Star Trek: DS9
10 Star Trek: TNG
16 Star Trek: VOY


Kate, Gladys, and Betty in their street clothes. Sarah with damp hair clinging to her face. Guinan smiling knowingly, in a purple outfit.

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