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Cartoons, Angel, American music

01-05 Adventure Time
01. auditoreador
02. Jeremy Enecio
03. kgishfish
04. Polly Guo
05. shroedinger
06-07 Archie comics
08-10 Angel the series
11-14 Beth Ditto/the Gossip
15-17 Kurt Cobain/Nirvana
18 Valerie June
19-20 Janelle Monae

Most of these are three years old but the Nirvana are from 2004, whoa.

Up next: Buffy, Fry and Laurie, Portal 2, DS9, Warehouse 13
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< IMG SRC="URL" TITLE="TEXT" > should be it!

and I use photobucket because it lets me copy multiple links at once.
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Not that I know of, but I use png so maybe that's why!

...also I forgot to say that ahhh I love these icons. WHOOPS.
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It looks like those quotations are different than the ones I used, which would break HTML!

eta I tried it, does it work for you?
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